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1. mam i have small and medium size teenage acne. so i am using clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide but no result it has more side effects. mam please tell me how i can stop my teen age acne 2:10 

2. Good evening mam, as Doctor suggest that we should finish our dinner 🍽two hours ⏰ before bed. The reason behind it that if we have our Dinner just before bed 🛏 it would difficult to digest as ,Digestion process goes on during sleep.. but suggest to take milk just before bed to have sound sleep. but Milk take 3 to 4 hours for complete digestion. Milk take more time to digest than simple , sabji roti… Q. why do doctors suggest to have milk just before bed as it take more time than simple balanced diet??? 2:49 

3. mam I have deficiency of vitamin D kindly tell ki mai usse jldi kaise pura kruu 6:00 

4. doctor i have compulsive skin picking habit since childhood. i cant control it. i tried putting on gloves, hand moisturizers etc but nothing worked. pls mam tell what shud i 6:26 

5. What are Anabolic steroids? For what they are used? Also its side effects and are they effective? 7:36 

6. Dr how to remove under eye wrinkles and how to make clear and bright skin !!! plz give some Diy tips 13:21 

7. mam I have open pores on nose as well as sinus problems can I take steam and how many can I take.we have to apply scrub also or not 15:14 

8. which medicine bast for increasing AMh 16:07 

9. mam chest fat or gynomastia main kya difference hai 16:22 

10. namaste mam , mam expert doctors says finasteride tablet is very less harmful as compare to dutasteride tablet. hence finasteride effect retains in body for one day only and side effect is very less . if any side effect may be their psychological issue 18:59 

11. mam is niacinamide serum is good for sensitive skin 19:42 

12. hi mam acne scar ke liye koi achi cream ho to batao 20:00 

13. uric acid manage??? 20:10 

14. mam is golden milk benefited to fatty liver 20:55 


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