3 Easy Facts About Crazy Bulk Reviews : 50% Discount Code- Crazy Bulk Explained

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The Importance of Muscle Recovery!

The concept of recovery periods during training is something that many people in the amateur world of sports tend to overlook when training for their big events. I have seen first-hand, many cyclists, triathletes and runners who have neglected cool downs, stretches, sports massage and rest days believing that the harder they train the fitter they get. To a certain extent this is true, but one thing that must be taken into consideration is over training and the effect this can have on the muscles, and how the neglect of recovery protocols can have negative long-term implications on…

The 10 Commandments Needed To Build Muscle

Knowledge is power and with the constantly changing discoveries on muscle gain and fat-loss we need to keep up to date on these latest interventions. A good example is when HIIT (high intensity interval training) was first discovered in the 1990’s, it changed the way we add muscle.

Functional Body Movement, The Secret To Fast Effective Gains

The phrase Functional Body Movement raises a question. What is it, and how does it make me gain muscle and more importantly stay lean. I am glad you asked. Many years ago before machines, and air conditioning how did people get things done? They worked hard at it. They pushed, and pulled, and lifted things where they needed to go! These three simple words are all you need to ensure fast gains, and effective body proportioning!

Time Under Tension (TUT)

All bodybuilders know very well that the only reason any hypertrophy is achieved with progressive resistance is because of the time under tension (TUT). Sports science has now conclusively proved that the only reason a muscle is able to grow in size is because of the time spent under tension.

Bodybuilding Blast For The Holiday Season

Bodybuilders and weightlifters know it can be hard to stick to their weightlifting and nutrition routines over the holidays – especially the time from Christmas to New Year’s. But there is a solution that not only keeps bodybuilders on track, but can actually build more muscle while freeing up more time over the holidays!

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