3 Natural ways to increase HGH and Testosterone

3 natural ways to increase HGH and Testosterone.
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Glute Kickbacks, A Must Do Exercise to Build Your Glutes

One of the best exercises to lift, shape, tone, tighten and increase some booty growth are “Glute Kickbacks.” Always PUSH through the heels of your feet and really squeeze your glutes HARD on the full extension of the movement! Mentally visualize yourself pushing whatever your heels are connecting with away from you forcefully in a controlled movement. This will activate the muscle fibers in your glutes even more so giving you the best results possible. REMEMBER TO MENTALLY CONNECT WITH YOUR BOOTY, PUSH THROUGH THE HEELS OF YOUR FEET AND REALLY SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES HARD ON FULL EXTENSION OF THE MOVEMENT!

Requirements To Building Muscle Effectively

Building muscle isn’t tough, but it does require time, commitment, and some intelligence for most of us. Some people are naturally muscular, lean, and strong but that doesn’t describe me and it probably doesn’t describe you since you are reading this.

Best Gloves for Crossfit Pull Ups

A pull up is a pull up. Sure there’s lots of variations you can do to help focus the movement on different body parts but when it comes down to it the core movement is the same.

Suns Out, Guns Out: Effective Arm Exercises

Summer is right around the corner so you might as well show off your well developed arm muscles, right? You do have some biceps and triceps don’t you? If not do not worry though because with these arm exercise that are listed below, your arms will grow to never before seen size.

The Importance of Muscle Mass While Aging

From the time we are born until our mid- twenties, our bodies continue to grow and become stronger. But little do most people know, around age 25 we all start losing muscle through a process called sarcopenia. This loss of muscle mass can be attributed to many of the symptoms we relate to aging such as loss of balance and strength, loose skin, poor posture and inability to complete daily tasks.

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