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2,100 Feet Elevation Gain! 5.51 Miles! 1,058 Calories!

0:00 – Start of Run
02:00 – Anabolic Steroid Feedback from Yesterday!
23:30 – SPRINT! and Finish Celebration!!! (42 Seconds New Record!)

The Concrete Wall! WATER TOWER Day!!! 2,100 feet elevation Gain. Over 25 Laps at 70 Ft Climb each. Set the time of 42 seconds for my fastest climb time again (Previous 44 Seconds). We’ll improve each day!

Don’t forget to check out the Finish Celebration!!!

We’re Uploading Daily!!! No Days Off!!! Definitely enjoy all the support I get for these daily running Vlogs and Monday Hyperlapse videos. Hope you like the Commentary, throwing in some humor, and of course running tips and advice. I hope everyone finds these intense trail run workouts motivational and encourages us to push ourselves to the limit. These daily videos make great Virtual treadmill runs also!

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No Days off. Ever.

Question of the Day!: WWF or WCW?


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