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The Many Benefits of Strength Training

It has been accepted knowledge for some time in the fitness industry that strength training, also called resistance training, is an essential component in any fitness regime. Here are some of the most important benefits of incorporating strength training into your exercise routine.

Muscular Arms? These Biceps Exercises Are Really Effective

Muscular upper arms are the trademark of an athletic body, and a dream of many fitness fanatics. But how do you grow those upper arms? In the first instance to focus on your biceps, The two-headed muscle that ensures the bending force of your arm. With the exercises below your biceps will increase on visibility very fast.

Why Using Lightweights Is Stupid

We all have to start from somewhere and I am sure all of us started from humble beginnings when we first stepped into the gym. As our strength increased, out poundage’s or weight lifted increased as well and I am pretty sure as we grew stronger we grew bigger to.

Two Great Pump Up Your Muscle Techniques

Many people in the gym may have experienced the pump if they have been training properly by putting enough intensity in their workouts rather then just slacking around. However, few people know what the pump is.

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Second to the leg muscles, your back muscles are the largest muscle group in the body. While the Gluteus Maximus (the booty) gets the prize as the most superficial muscle group, the Latissimus Dorsi of the back are the widest muscle group.

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