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Exercise and Adaptability

Since the start of the popularity of personal trainers in the 1980’s sports scientists have seen the value of creating and changing a personal workout program. Clinical studies have proven that adaptability when designing a specific program for a specific objective is the best alternative.

How to Get Bigger Arms In Less Time

Everyone wants to know the secret to attaining those huge, shredded arms that stretch shirt sleeves to their limit and have heads turning in and out of the gym. Although huge arms are a sought after quality for a huge number of lifters, I rarely see people training their arms in an optimal fashion for hypertrophy (muscle growth). In the following article I will lay out the simple blueprint required for you to achieve your own shirt ripping guns of glory.

Bodybuilding Exercises For The Legs

Do you have a plan to gain more muscle mass? Your legs are one of the most important muscle groups to train. Bodybuilding exercises for the legs are important for several reasons. Muscular legs look good, that’s for sure, but it also keeps your body in balance when you regularly train your legs.

Why Do You Go To The Gym?

“Why do I do it?” is a great question to ask yourself. I believe that if you have a good reason to do something that you want to do you will of course do it, no matter the odds. You will fight day and night just to do that thing you desire to do. Desire is a strong emotion. However, some people have no real reason on why they are going to the gym and so on. Perhaps it is because they saw their friends do or it could be for a variety of reason, the list could be endless.

A Conversation With The Body

Muscle is built with progressive overload which means that the body is able to adapt to the stress that you put it under over a certain period. The condition that your body is in today reflects the quality of the conversation that you have been having with your own body.

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