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Jeff and Brad review two of the best Growth Hormone Boosters on the market; HGHup from Applied Nutraceuticals, and Mass HGH from Lecheek Nutrition.

Another Pre-Workout Review: C4 Extreme From Cellucor (8.5/10)

My personal experience with the pre-workout supplement from Cellucor; C4 Extreme. I have some good and bad news!

Can Pushups Build Muscle That Is Strong?

The Pushup is a popular exercise that was introduced to us at a very young age. People often wonder if pushups can be used to build muscle. In this article, I explain the limitations of building strong muscle with pushups.

Top Three Tips To Increase Energy And Your Chances Of Getting A Ripped Body

A lot of newbies who are into fitness and bodybuilding are somehow unaware of the fact that there should be a certain form of pre-workout in order to perform well at the gym. Being young and motivated to lose unwanted pounds are good reasons to build up discipline while improving one’s physique.

How to Build a Massive Chest Without the Bench Press

If you are a guy, chances are you want a big chest. A massive chest. Am I right?

Building Blocks of Muscle Building

Upgrade your body by creating a competently and a well-developed fitness plan which will involve several activities that are either directly or indirectly related to building the muscles. The number of hours held in reserve and consumed for the routine physical activities for sweating will give you more than what you really need.

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