How to increase Human Growth Hormone or HGH natural Ways and Supplements

So You want To Know how you can Increase your HGH Levels naturally…Here is the Ultimate Guide
Ways to naturally increase the secretion of Human Growth Hormone
Get More Quallity Sleep
Get quality sleep if you want to naturally increase the secretion of HGH and its released in crusading pattern usually consisting of two spikes and stops as soon as you wake up and have your first meal which brings us to the next way.

Don’t eat breakfast
Eating breakfast immediately soon after waking up will cut off the production of HGH swiftly which is why you should try intermittent fasting or consciously abstaining from eating for certain hours preferably prolonging the time you spend sleeping.
The Journal of Clinical Investigation studied the effects fasting has on secretion of growth hormone and founded that
fasting for twenty four hours increased the secretion of Growth hormone with up to
2000% for men
and 1300% for women
that proved that the pattern kept going untill the fast was eventually broken.These numbers are a miracle, if you want to grow your HGH levels naturally, sleeping and fasting is actually one of the best free ways that produces immmediate results.

Intense Exercise
High Intensity Interval Training[HIIT] could increase your Growth Hormone production.You don’t need to train long hours.Doing short intense exercises to recruit fast twith muscle fibres that you can’t recruit just jogging.Studies have also shown that HIIT can boost production of Growth hormone by 450%-770%
Consume Melatonin Before Going to Sleep
Consume about 0.5 to 5 MG of Melatonin before going to sleep.This enhances quality and duration of sleep.Some studies shows that consuming Melatonin before going to bed could actually increase increase the secretion of HGH by up to 150%

What Negatively affect the production of HGH
Stress will trigger another hormone Cortisol.Cortisol should be avoided as they interfere with the production of growth hormone negatively.
What Affects the Production of Human Growth Hormone
Stay away from sugar and processed foods

These contain insulin which is indirectly related to the HGH production.When insulin levels are high, the secretion of Human Growth Hormone is low.

Avoid Too Much Body fat
You need to burn fat in order to create the perfect environment for the production of Human Growth Hormone
They are thousands of workout programs and books that can teach you some methods and ways to go about losing fat on the web.

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I read a book last week which has been the guide to breaking the code about fasting for beginners…
Its a simple book that really explains how you can start fasting and how you can enjoy some health, yes i mean health benefits of fasting lifestyle.
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