Male Sex Hormones – Androgens -Testosterone – Anabolic steroid – Nandrolone: Steroidal Drugs-2

This is the second video of the Class pertaining to Steroidal Drugs.
Diploma in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Part II,
Steroidal drugs-
Male sex hormones – Androgens – Testosterone.
Anabolic steroid – Nandrolone..

Body Building Beliefs

Body building is scientific. When you consume more calories than you burn off, and work out systematically, you build bigger and stronger muscles. It’s like a formula. Except it doesn’t work that way in practice.

3 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights!

Most people generally believe that lifting weights will make women bulky or look masculine. Here are 3 great reasons why this simply is not the case!

You Want Huge Biceps? Top 3 Mass Building Tricks!

It’s discussed more than politics and religion- arm size. If curls worked, you wouldn’t be asking. No self-respecting man walks around with 12 inch arms. You WILL get bigger arms after reading this.

How To Gain Weight Fast Using Three Simple Secrets

How to gain weight fast? The answer has eluded many enthusiastic body building fans. There are many factors at play, but these three secrets will set you on the way.

3 Effective Tips For Muscle Gaining

For muscle gaining, you eat the right kind of food, and workout regularly. What’s surprising is that many don’t succeed because they don’t do both things consistently. Here are 3 simple and effective secrets to gain muscle.

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