My experience of ANABOLIC STEROIDS

I could go on and speak for hours about different experiences that I have had, what I have used and side effects. I have tried to keep it as short as possible but get my point across.

Please comment below any questions you have and I will reply.

5 Ways Stylish Workout Clothes Make Your Workouts More Efficient

You probably never thought about having fitted and stylish clothes before. But they can actually make your workout more efficient! You heard that right. In my first few years of hitting the gym I thought the same thing. Why spend any money on workout clothes when that same cash could be spent on other stuff? It’ll certainly won’t make a difference in your workouts. Or will it? Here are 5 ways how it will:

How Chicks In The Gym Motivate Us

Have you ever noticed the difference between a gym full of guys and a gym where some females are present? I have. It’s wonderful actually. Not only do you get to check out some sweet body parts moving about but you’re also more motivated than ever before. Why?

Beginner Transformation Weight Training

If you’ve searched the web for bodybuilding, you’ve come up with a lot of different opinions from a lot of qualified people. Your head may be spinning and you may be more confused than you were to begin with. Transforming your body from zero to hero may be easier than you think.

Building Lean Muscle Needs Exercise, Discipline, Persistence and the Right Diet

Muscle size is increased when you have the right proportions of human growth hormone in the body. It is possible to take supplements to increase HGH, but it always better to depend on the naturally produced hormone that can come from eating the right food. The diet intake must be high enough for the body to want to begin building lean muscle instead of using energy from fat, during any exercise regime. The diet must contain a lot of proteins and fewer fats and carbs. Any need for carbs must come from fruits and vegetables, as they are not easily digestible.

Making the Most of Your Gym Workouts

Spending a lot of time in the gym but not seeing any results yet? You may be doing something wrong! Read this short guide and learn how you can make the most of your workouts in the gym.

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