Should Steroids be legal? IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Alex Diaconu – Trendy Husky Podcast 09/12/20

Today Yassi is joined by professional bodybuilder and fitness model, Alex Diaconu. The delve into his life story, bodybuilding, and more. How did he go from a world karate champion to body building? What it was like moving to the United States? How important is cardio really? Later, the burning question of performance enhancers like steroids be legal and should they be allowed in competitions? Keep up with Alex on his Instagram @alexdiaconu_ifbbpro to track his road the the Olympia. Check out Evogen supplements by following the link in Alex’s bio on Instagram.

00:00 Intro
03:04 Was living overseas holding Alex back?
05:14 Alex’s experience with karate and becoming a world champion.
14:58 How bodybuilding came into Alex life?
17:05 How many hours does Alex workout in a day? What diet worked for him?
19:55 How did Alex meet his lovely wife Tess Marie?
22:16 What’s next for Alex?
27:11 How has COVID-19 affected Alex’s professional career?
30:12 Don’t forget leg-day! What is with buff guys who have tiny legs?
31:25 Who would Alex represent if he goes to the olympics?
33:56 The burning question should performance enhancers, like steroids, be allowed and legal to use? Should it be banned from competitions completely?
38:50 Maria Sharapova Vs Serena Williams
42:08 What is Alex’s main goal?
44:40 What is the most dangerous part of bodybuilding?
45:08 What would be your best advise to anyone who asked you for fitness advise
48:39 How important is cardio?
51:39 Does Alex ever take time for himself outside of bodybuilding?
53:41 Alex wants you to check out Evogen, the best supplement company he has ever tried at

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