Sustanon test

Sustanon test –

Sustanon is an injectable steroid with four testosterone esters.
Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate.
The rate at which the hormones are released depends on the weight and length of the esters; some may take days, while some may take weeks. The longer and the heavier the ester attached, the longer the active life of the steroid. In the case of Sustanon 250, the Propionate and the Phenylpropionate esters have relatively shorter active lives.
Propionate has only one to two days of active life while phenylpropionate has four to five days. Because of these two esters Sustanon 250 provides you immediate kick, so to speak. Isocaproate and Decanoate has active life of two and three weeks, respectively.
You won’t need to endure frequent and uncomfortable injections since Sustanon 250 stays active in the blood for a long while. The usual administration with this steroid is ever 10 days.

Sustanon test –

Sustanon 250 is effective if administered 250mg per week or 500mg every 10 days. The feedback with this drug is good; many say that with Sustanon 250, you need relatively lower dosage but still get impressive results.
Side effects commonly associated with steroid use are mostly dose dependent. Sustanon 250 has potent androgenic and anabolic effects. Thus, this compound is preferred during mass cycles as it drastically increases muscle mass and strength.
Sustanon 250 is particularly beneficial if you’re planning to cut up since it can yield ‘cleaner’ and qualitative muscle mass. Beginners gain qualitative 20 pounds within a couple of months using 250mg/week of Sustanon 250.

Sustanon test:

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