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Ride the Extensive-Intensive Wave for Maximum Muscle Mass

If you’ve been in the muscle-building game for a while, you know quite well that you can’t stay on one routine forever. No matter how well you do initially, eventually gains will come to a halt and when that happens, a change is required. The problem is that you can’t just go to your favorite training website and pick any routine that looks cool, because a random routine will lead to random results. You need a program that makes sense – one that follows a logical order of progression from the previous routine. Here’s how to do it…

The Two Secrets For Getting Massive Cannonball Shoulders

Having big cannonball shoulders not only increase your width but also increase your V-taper, which is always a bonus, you can never have too much of a V-taper. Having big shoulders as some people call them is the cherry on top of your physique if you know what I mean. Also, not to mention big cannonball shoulders are a sign of masculinity. So stand back and watch and learn while I show you the secret to getting big cannonball shoulders.

Testosterone Booster That Works – Increase Lean Muscle Quickly

Bodybuilders well understand the importance of testosterone boosters. Natural testosterone boosters can help increase testosterone production in your body and can speed up muscle growth. This article lists some of the best natural testosterone boosters that can help you gain lean, hard and quality muscle quickly.

Build Muscle With This Proven Tip!

Many people spin wheels in the gym and never progress like they imagined they would. Some end up quitting, but if they had applied the principle of “Progressive Overload” they more than likely would have seen great results!

How To Get Big Arms Fast With Only Four Exercises

Having big arms or in other words having big triceps and biceps are cool. Let’s face it they have always been cool. Every guy out there would like to have bigger arms because having bigger arms is like a social status and it’s supposed to prove something to other people. It seems like whatever kind of problem your having in your life big arms will always make it better. I am just kidding, but I know you want bigger arms, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this article. So without further adieu let’s started.

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